About Us

Welcome to MLHTS
MLHTS prides itself as one of the best health training institutions in the country.  MLHTS is an institution that is recognized and approved by the Ministry of Health and its regulatory bodies-the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Ghana and Allied Health Professions Council.  We are a private initiative and our main goal is to complement the training of health professionals in Ghana so as to mitigate the chronic shortage of health professionals in the country.
At MLHTS, we are committed to providing a professional attitude; skills, and knowledge that you would need to practice your profession upon completion of your studies.  As you progress through your academic and professional journey, I would like you all to always remember that the healthcare profession is a service of honor, respect, and compassion to humanity and mankind.  This is a noble profession that requires hard work, commitment, honesty, integrity, and humbleness wherever you find yourself. 
From an initial enrollment of fewer than 50 students in 2007, we have grown to a student body of close to 500.  Our vision for MLHTS over the next 5 years includes expanding our facilities and increasing our programs to accommodate our growing population and ensure our students have access to state-of-the-art facilities where they can fully prepare for future employment through the hands-on learning experience.  To achieve that, MLHTS has recently acquired pieces of land to begin the expansion of our facilities.
Our staff, faculty, and administrators are a dedicated team that is committed to seeing you through your education successfully.   At the end of your program of studies, you will conclude that you came to one of the best health training institutions in the country.  Your educational experience will be very rewarding to you, both personally and professionally.
In conclusion, MLHTS is a unique institution, a college committed to preparing all of its students for trajectories of success.
Welcome aboard to MLHTS, we are happy to have you as part of the MLHTS family.
Remember why you are here:
You are here to go to classes and earn the best education possible.  One that will set you up for a successful career.  You worked hard to earn your admission, so try and stay focused and study hard.  You are attending one of the best health training institutions, so do not miss this opportunity.
Remember we only admit students to MLHTS who we know can succeed here.
Thank you for choosing MLKHTS
 O. A. Duah, MD. FRCP. MIAC
O.A. Duah, MD., FRCP, MIAC